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'phags pa dgongs pa nges par 'grel pa zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo
Jiě shēn mì jīng

A crucial source text for the Yogācāra school and many of its central tenets, including the theories of consciousness-only, all-ground consciousness (Skt. ālayavijñāna; Tib. kun gzhi rnam par shes pa), and the three natures. It is also noteworthy for its discussion of the relationship between the two truths (Ch.3), the three turnings of the wheel of Dharma (Ch.7), and meditation (Ch.8). Furthermore, it is commonly included in the Tibetan lists of sūtras that teach buddha-nature and/or the definitive meaning.

Relevance to Buddha-nature

Often included as one of the tathāgatarbha sūtras and, or, the sūtras that teach the definitive meaning.

Text Metadata

Other Titles ~ ārya-saṃdhinirmocana-nāma-mahāyāna-sūtra
~ mdo dgongs pa nges 'grel

Text exists in ~ Tibetan
~ Chinese
~ Japanese
~ Mongolian
~ Korean
Canonical Genre ~ Kangyur · Sūtra · mdo sde · Sūtranta
Literary Genre ~ Sūtras - mdo
Commentaries on this text
  • Trisong Detsen (khri srong lde brtsan)’s *Samyagvākpramāṇoddhṛtasūtra (bka' yang dag pa'i tshad ma las mdo btus pa), D4352 mdo 'grel, co 173a–205b.
  • Changchup Dzutrül (byang chub rdzu 'phrul)'s *Āryasaṃdhinirmocanasūtravyākhyāna (bstan bcos sna tshogs), D4358 mdo 'grel, co 1b–jo 183b.

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