Dam chos dgongs pa gcig pa

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dam chos dgongs pa gcig pa
Sacred Teaching on the Single Intention

One of the core texts of the Drikung Kagyu tradition that is reported to be the oral teachings of Jikten Gönpo that were written down and edited together by his student Sherab Jungne. Although not all manuscripts are alike, a beautiful reproduction from Garchen Stiftung (2015) that was studied by Dr. Jan-Ulrich Sobisch contains the following chapter topics:

  • (1) Pure View, Practice, and Conduct
  • (2-4) The Three Vows
  • (5) Three Dharma Wheels
  • (6) Dependent Origination
  • (7) The Resultant Stage of Buddhahood

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Other Titles ~ dgongs gcig
~ dgongs gcig gi rtsa tshig
~ dam chos dgongs pa gcig pa'i rtsa tshig rdo rje'i gsung brgya lnga bcu pa
~ 'bri gung dgongs gcig