'da' ka ye shes kyi 'chi kha ma'i man ngag

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'da' ka ye shes kyi 'chi kha ma'i man ngag
Commentary of Atyayajñānasūtra
One of a series of short texts by the Kadam scholar Kyotön Mönlam Tsultrim, which represent an intersection between the works of Maitreya, particularly the Ratnagotravibhāga, and the practical instructions of Mahāmudrā.
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Description from When the Clouds Part

This short text (PIW) relies on the Atyantajñānasūtra for its Mahāmudrā instructions at the moment of death. It says that one needs to understand that all appearances as well as mind are not really existent and are unfindable, and then one needs to settle within the state of nonconceptuality. Thus, the nonconceptuality that abides as the natural state and the nonconceptuality of meditation meet like mother and child, through which one will attain Mahāmudrā in the intermediate state. (p. 320)

Text Metadata

Other Titles ~ Pith Instructions on the Wisdom at the Point of Passing when about to Die (Brunhölzl)
Text exists in ~ Tibetan
Literary Genre ~ Contemplative Guide Books and Instructional Manuals - gdams ngag skor
Commentary of ~ 'phags pa 'da' ka ye shes zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo