Gzhan stong khas len seng ge'i nga ro

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gzhan stong khas len seng ge'i nga ro
Lion's Roar: Affirming Other Emptiness

Mipam's other "lion's roar"—his Lion's Roar: Affirming Other Emptiness—shows the way he establishes an other-emptiness view that affirms the existence of the ultimate truth as not empty of its own essence. (Source: Duckworth, Douglas. Jamgön Mipham: His Life and Teachings. Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2011: p 58.)

Relevance to Buddha-nature

This text argues that buddha-nature is not empty of its natural qualities but only the adventitious impurities in the context of establishing what is ontologically existent or non-existent on the conventional level. Thus, it justifies the position of the other emptiness in the context of the verifying conventional ontic reality.

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Philosophical positions of this text

Definitive in terms of conventional ontology.

While Mipham argues that buddha-nature is empty, it is only in the context of ultimate ontological analysis, not on the conventional level.

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