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sdom gsum rab dbye
Distinguishing the Three Vows

Written circa 1232 when the author was about fifty years old, it is an expansive treatise on the three vows pertaining to the three vehicles of Buddhism that is one of Sakya Paṇḍita's most important and influential works. Nevertheless, it was controversial in its time for the criticism the author levels against the philosophical positions of various scholars and schools of thought.

Relevance to Buddha-nature

Though this work isn't necessarily about buddha-nature, it is highly relevant to this topic for Sakya Paṇḍita's criticism of the proponents of the Uttaratantra and became an important source for the Sakya school's position on the polemical issues that surround this topic. These critical positions would be reiterated by later generations of scholars of the Sakya and Geluk traditions.

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