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Buddhadharma Logo: File:BuddhaDharma-logo-lg-tag.png

Attribution for articles: For Lion's Roar or Buddhadharma articles, please add this phrasing to the bottom of the article content: Example: Originally published in the May 2012 Lion's Roar magazine and on Reproduced with permission.


  • Names of People we need pictures for:
    • Zahiruddin Ahmad
    • Bo Jiang
    • Ani K. Trinlay Chödron
    • Gampopa
    • Getse Mahāpaṇḍita Tsewang Chokdrup
    • Vasudeva Gokhale
    • S. C. Goswami
    • William Grosnick
    • Layakpa Jangchub Ngödrup
    • Marpa Dopa Chökyi Wangchuk
    • Milarepa
    • Minyak Lama Yeshe Dorje
    • Ngawang Lodrö Drakpa
    • Paramārtha
    • Rendawa Zhönu Lodrö
    • Sakya Paṇḍita
    • Sāramati
    • Vairocanarakṣita
    • Wǒnhyo
    • Zu Gawai Dorje
    • Atisha
    • Sylvie Carteron
    • Dakpo Tashi Namgyal
    • Drolungpa Lodrö Junge
    • Dumo Tashi Özer
    • Rosemarie Fuchs
    • Edward Johnston
    • Karma Trinlepa
    • Usha Khosla
    • Longchen Rabjam
    • Patrul Rinpoche
    • zhang tshe spong chos kyi bla ma
    • Ratnamati
    • Joan Stambaugh
    • Jikidō Takasaki
    • Tsele Natsok Rangdrol
    • Zurmang Pema Namgyal
    • Yumo Mikyö Dorje
    • Tāranātha
    • Tsongkhapa
    • Tsen Khawoche
    • Tanak Rinchen Yeshe
    • Sangpuwa Lodrö Tsungme
    • Sajjana
    • Parahitabhadra
    • Minling Lochen Dharmaśri
    • Kyotön Mönlam Tsultrim
    • Jikten Gönpo
    • Ann Helm
    • Fāzàng
    • Dromtönpa
    • Chomden Rikpai Raldri
    • Chapa Chökyi Senge
    • Butön Rinchen Drup


  • Create a disambiguation page: Create a page on commons using the name you want for the disambig page. Note that this has to be a unique name. no other page can have this name. the example I did was of 'jam dbyangs grags pa. This name became the disambig page. Once you create this page, go to edit without form and copy in the following template using the page names for the names you want to disambiguate: for example:

This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.
Were you looking for:

You have to do this on the DRL too. So to do this, search for the name you are using for your disambiguation page. It won't be there and will produce a red link to create the name. Click the red link. Now do an edit and place the template in as you did for the page on Commons. That's it!