On the Term Ordinary Mind by Elizabeth Callahan

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On the Term Ordinary Mind by Elizabeth Callahan - 1 of 3
In this video Elizabeth Callahan explains the term ordinary mind, a term that is often used in the Kagyu tradition, and its use as a term to describe buddha-nature. Ordinary mind, she explains, is the nature of mind that is not in its deluded state.
Featuring Elizabeth Callahan
Creator Tsadra Foundation
Director Perman, M.
Producer Tsadra Foundation
Event Elizabeth Callahan Interview on Buddha-Nature (9 November 2019, Rhinebeck, New York)
Related Website Buddha-Nature
Creation Date 9 November 2019
Citation Callahan, Elizabeth. “On the Term Ordinary Mind.” Interview by Marcus Perman. Tsadra Foundation Research Department, November 9, 2019. Video, 2:16. https://youtu.be/qx1NAke8aV0