Theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma'i ṭīkka

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theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma'i ṭīkka
Commentary on the Ultimate Continuum of the Mahāyāna
Commentary on the Uttaratantra by a preeminent Geluk scholar that was a chief disciple of the school's founder, Tsongkhapa, as well as the Sakya scholar Rendawa Zhönu Lodrö, an outspoken critic of the treatise.
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Translations of This Text

  • Jiang, Bo, trans. The Sublime Continuum and Its Explanatory Commentary. By Maitreyanātha and Noble Asaṅga. With The Sublime Continuum Supercommentary by Gyaltsap Darma Rinchen. Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences. New York: American Institute of Buddhist Studies, Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies, and Tibet House US, 2017.

Recensions of This Text

Philosophical positions of this text

"Gyeltsap thus shows that ultimately both buddhas and sentient beings share the same suchness of mind which is the ultimate nature of mind that is free from natural defilements. Because of this he argues that all sentient beings have tathāgata-essence, and it is through this that he establishes the connection between tathāgata-essence and the concept of one-vehicle, the notion that ultimately there is only the final goal of buddhahood."
Wangchuk, Tsering, The Uttaratantra in the Land of Snows, p. 99.

However, this is a tricky issue and elsewhere Wangchuk states, "For Gyeltsap, there is no contradiction in saying that the Uttaratantra comments on both last-wheel sutras and the middle-wheel sutras." Wangchuk, Tsering, The Uttaratantra in the Land of Snows, p. 102.

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Other Titles ~ rgyud bla ma'i TI k+ka
Text exists in ~ Tibetan
Literary Genre ~ Commentaries - 'grel pa
Commentary of ~ Ratnagotravibhāga Mahāyānottaratantraśāstra