'od gsal snying po'i don

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'od gsal snying po'i don
One of a series of short texts by the Kadam scholar Kyotön Mönlam Tsultrim, which represent an intersection between the works of Maitreya, particularly the Ratnagotravibhāga, and the practical instructions of Mahāmudrā.
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Description from When the Clouds Part

This brief work (HML) ascertains one’s own mind as luminosity by way of (1) this luminosity’s abiding as buddhahood, (2) the purification of its adventitious stains of thought, and (3) the manner in which the tathāgata heart dawns as wisdom. It follows the Uttaratantra in presenting (1) luminous mind (the tathāgata heart) through its threefold meaning (the dharmakāya, suchness, and the disposition), its nine examples in relation to the three kāyas and the nine types of obscurations, and its ways of being present in ordinary beings, noble ones, and buddhas. (2) The purification of the adventitious stains of thought consists of (a) taking refuge in the dharmakāya (the result), (b) familiarizing with the naturally pure basic element (the cause), and (c) dwelling on the path (the condition). Unfortunately, the last two pages of this text, which cover most of points (2) and (3), are missing, but more information related to these two points can be gleaned from IM and RW. (p. 320)

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