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Dharmamitra(356 - 442)
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Dharmamitra [曇摩蜜多・曇無蜜多] (356–442) (Skt; Jpn Dommamitta or Dommumitta): A monk from Kashmir in ancient India who translated Buddhist sutras into Chinese. He entered the Buddhist Order while young and traveled through various kingdoms to pursue study of the sutras. He dedicated himself to the practice of meditation and, passing through Kucha and Tun-huang, went to China in 424, where he exhorted people to practice meditation. In 433 he went to Chien-k’ang, the capital of the Liu Sung dynasty, and in 435 founded Ting-lin-shang-ssu temple, where he lived. He converted the empress and crown prince of the Liu Sung dynasty. His works include The Secret Essentials of Meditation and Chinese translations of the Universal Worthy Sutra and the Meditation on Bodhisattva Space Treasury Sutra. (Source Accessed July 15, 2021)

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