Katrin Querl at the 2019 Tathāgatagarbha Symposium

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Katrin Querl at the 2019 Tathāgatagarbha Symposium - 18 of 23
Katrin Querl presents an overview of Jikten Gonpo's position on Buddha-nature as outlined in the textual corpus known as the Single Intention (Dgongs gcig) and in two of this work's earliest commentaries.

Abstract from the Author

Preliminary Notes on the Notion of Buddha Nature in the Single Intention

'Jig rten mgon po Rin chen dpal or 'Jig rten gsum mgon (1143-1217) was one of the most influential figures in the intellectual milieu of 12th and 13th century Tibet. Although his teachings that were compiled by his students into the text corpus known as the Single Intention (Dgongs gcig) were highly contested by some of his contemporaries, most famously by Sa skya Paṇḍita Kun dga' rgyal mtshan (1182-1251), on the contrary, other scholars like 'Gos Lo tsā ba gZhon nu dpal (1392-1481) reportedly based their Mahāmudrā hermeneutics and exegesis of the Uttaratantra on his works. Even though there is no independent work on buddha-nature by 'Jig rten gsum mgon, the topic is widely discussed in the Single Intention. Relevant themes include the relation between buddha-nature and emptiness, the qualities that buddha-nature possesses, that it is of virtuous nature and worthy of dedication, and the defense of a single potential (rigs gcig) and a single vehicle (theg pa gcig).

Drawing on texts such as the two earliest commentaries on the Single Intention by direct disciples of 'Jig rten gsum mgon and other records of his teachings, this paper provides an overview of this pivotal thinker’s view on buddha-nature. It thus aims to shed further light on the early Mahāmudrā tradition of Tibet, with a particular focus on its meditative approach (sgom lugs) to buddha-nature literature.

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Jikten Gönpo
1143 ~ 1217
Sakya Paṇḍita
1182 ~ 1251
Gö Lotsāwa Zhönu Pal
1392 ~ 1481
Sherab Jungne
1187 ~ 1241
Rinchen Jangchub
12th cent. ~ 13th cent.
Dorje Sherab
12th cent.
Ngoje Repa
1090 ~ 1166
The First Drikung Chungtsang, Rigdzin Chökyi Drakpa
1595 ~ 1659
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Creator University of Vienna, Tsadra Foundation
Event Tathāgatagarbha Across Asia (19 July 2019, University of Vienna, Austria)
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Creation Date 19 July 2019
Citation Querl, Katrin. "Preliminary Notes on the Notion of Buddha Nature in the Single Intention." Paper presented at the University of Vienna Symposium, Tathāgatagarbha Across Asia, Vienna, Austria, July 2019. Video, 43:53. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp3GJz3-5DY.